2015 - RENT

Director’s Note:

...In a way, RENT is something a long time coming for WST. It was always my thought throughout my time here that this show embodies much of the rebellious spirit on which this company was founded upon 50 years ago. Starting as a group of kids that wanted to make their own art, independently and regardless of what any authority had to say about whether or not they could. I know that it resonates with me in my youthful fury, but the spirit of this company has apparently resonated with our audiences as well, as we find ourselves here, seated over 50 years after that fateful performance of Bye, Bye, Birdie that would kick-start half a century’s worth of heritage and tradition...
— Mason Catharini


Producer: Mattia D’Affuso
Assistant Producer: Alex Loomis
Director: Mason Catharini
Assistant Director: Rocky Nunzio
Music Director: Paige Rammelkamp
Choreographer: Sara Lawless
Conductor: Matthew Dohm
Production Manager: Paul Weiss
Stage Manager: Jenny Rubin
Assistant Stage Manager: Ruby Berlin
Technical Director: Wesley Kramar
Assistant Technical Director: Rachel Mural
Scenic Designer: Katie Miller
Scenic Coordinator: Alina Gaynutdinova
Lighting Designer: Cameron Walkup
Master Electrician: Charlotte Houghton
Sound Designer: Lexie Werner & Amy Weaver
Properties Designer: Caroline Tyson
Video Designer: Lexie Werner
Costume Designer: Hannah Lee
Hair and Make-Up Designer: Jaqueline Maranville
Graphic Designer: Shabnam Salek


Mark Cohen: Zachary Norris
Roger Davis: Thomas Foley
Mimi Márquez: London Docherty
Tom Collins: Christopher Walkup
Angel Dumott Schunard: Adan Garcia
Maureen Johnson: Camryn Shegogue
Joanne Jefferson: Sanjana Taskar
Benjamin Coffin III: Eric Teran
Mrs. Cohen: Olivia Kunkle
Alexi Darling/Ali: Sandra D. Bazubwabo
Mr. Jefferson/Police/Sam: Robert Duncan
Mrs. Jefferson/Police: Mia Sterbini
Mrs. Davis/Junkie: Michaila May
Mrs. Marquez/Junkie: Michelle Schrier
Paul/Pastor/The Man: Peter Ely
Gordon/Homeless: Devin Cain
Steve/Junkie: Michael Mattocks
Pam/Sue/Junkie: Danielle Burman
Squeege Man/Mr. Grey: Jordan Rodriguez
The Waiter/Junkie: Teddy Sullivan
Homeless/Blanker Person: Maggie Gough
Homeless: Lila Cooper
Homeless/Coat Vendor: Jyline Carranza


Keyboard: Matthew Dohm, Paige Rammelkamp (7/24,25 AM)
Keyboard and Guitar: Julian Kapelove
Guitar: Matt Horanzy
Bass Guitar: Nina Randazzo
Drums: Paul Grossman


Crew: Morgan Anderson, Natalie Daly, Jamie Davis Molly Emery, Patrick Fanelli, Aaron Green, Emily Hall, David Ikejiani, Barnabas Lee, Claire Lee, Kayla Mina, Doga Tasdemir, Roma Venkateswaran, Jessica Winer