The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body that makes WST’s strategic decisions.

  • The Board selects the upcoming season’s show and staff, approves the budget, and makes all theatre-policy-level decisions.

  • The Board consists of 10-13 tenured members, who retain their seats on the Board until they resign, graduate, or leave the theatre, and 4 annual members representing the Cast, Crew, Staff, and Orchestra, who are elected to serve one-year terms by their segment of the theatre.

  • The Board is led by its Chairman, who serves a one-year term, with the aid of the Parliamentarian on procedural issues and the Board Secretary, who handles Board correspondence including the minutes of meetings.


Chairman: Katie Miller
Parliamentarian: Lexie Werner
Treasurer: Roma Venkateswaran
Director of Alumni Relations:
Director of Development:
Tenured Members:
Caroline Tyson
Gabi Scott
Andrea Sloter
Mercedes Blankenship
Judah Canizares
Kaylee Mina
Samuel Intrater
Brendan Unroe
Gabriela Schulman
Annual Staff Representative: Sara Reilly
Annual Cast Representative: Becca Haven
Annual Pit Representative: Hunter McDonald
Annual Crew Representative: Ian Combs

Secretary: Mercedes Blankenship