2000 - Sugar

Director’s Notes

...I had two goals for the company coming into this summer: 1) have fun and 2) Do a funny show. While not a “big name” show, SUGAR had the greatest comic potential of any of the scripts that I read…. I felt like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka’s factory. If you’re looking for deep subtext or underlying theme…then why are you here? All I can offer up is the ability of perception to shape our reality don’t judge a book by its cover blah blah blah. I’ll take the pressure off of you, the week weary theatre patron. I just ask that you sit back, relax, suspend your disbelief, and enjoy the show.
— Jared Stern


Business Staff
Producer: Isabel Hernandez-Cata
Business Manager: William White
Directors of Public Relations: Kelly Theim & Courtney Tisch
Associate Producer: Cynthia Trevor
Director of Fundraising: Rose Bernstein
House Managers: Molly Scofield and AnnaMaria Szabo
Graphic Designer: Imin Yeh
Webmaster: David Morrow
Assistant Director of Fundraising: James Hazen
Program Concept & Execution: Kelly Theim, Courtney Tisch, Isabel Hernandez-Cata

Performance Staff
Director: Jared Stern
Music Director: Michael Hadary
Choreographer: Marissa Levy
Conductor: Paul Hazen
Stage Manager: Margaret Byrns
Assistant Stage Manager: Cynthia Trevor
Assistant Choreographers: Liza Kaplan & Stephen Szabo
Assistant Conductor: William White

Design and Technical Staff
Technical Director: Nathaniel Haas
Assistant Technical Director: Harrison Long
Lighting Designers: Ryan Chavka and David Halliday
Properties Designers: Elyse Grossman, Jenn Bien, and Dani Morgan
Scenic Designer: Jennifer Bien
Costumes Designer: Lauren Beth DeRocco
Sound Design: Cecilia Bellagamba
Make-up & Hair Designers: Erica Kaye & Rebecca Wexler
Assistant Costumes Designer: Becky Pskowski
Technical Consultant: Seth Vinitsky
Make-up/Hair Assistant: Sarah Myerowitz


Sweet Sue: Sarah Levin
Sugar Kane: Kristina Sherk
Bienstock: Utkarsh Ambudkar
Joe (Josephine): Jud Wegner
Jerry (Daphne): Andrew Schlosberg
Musicians Contractor: Michael Hadary
Spats Palazzo: Nathaniel Claridad
Dude: David Wolff
First Hood: Joshua Rodgers
Knuckles Norton: Tim Crowley
Second Hood: Nate Butler
Train Announcer: Jared Stern
Reporter: Michael Hadary
Cab Driver: Danny Pushkin
Olga: Leasa Talmadge
Dolores: Rose Bernstein
Mary Lou: Joellen Mallard
Rosella: Liza Kaplan
Train Conductor: Jared Stern
Bellboy: Carlo Espinoza
Sir Osgood Fielding: Asa Bass
First Henchman: Stephen Szabo

Sweet Sue's "Society Syncopaters": Rose Bernstein, Kate Broderick, Liz Bullock, Liza Kaplan, Joellen Mallard, Ashley Scott, Leasa Talmadge

Girls: Kate Broderick, Liz Bullock
Garage Mechanic: Danny Pushkin

Spat's Gangsters: Carlo Espinoza, Liza Kaplan, Ashley Scott, Stephen Szabo, David Wolff

Musicians/Millionaires/Miami Tourists & Citizens/Syncopater Swings: Danny Pushkin Nate Butler Kate Ramella, Carlo Espinoza Joshua Rodgers Jessie Marrero, Stephen Szabo Becki Pskowski Rebecca Russell
David Wolff


Saxophones, Alto: Dan Rotenstreich
Tenor: Zach Stamler, Mike Johnson, Matt Merewitz
Baritone: Matt Merewitz
Clarinet:  Becky Wexler, Matt Carson, Zach Stamler
Flute: Susanna Quilter
Trumpet: David Morrow, Nate Street, James Hazen, David Fraga
Trombone: David Einstein, Aaron Weddle
Cello: Jen Larsen
Violin: Brian Ross
Viola: Will White, Laura Ross
Bass: Eli Walker
Drums: Brian Minning, Marcus Turner
Auxiliary Percussion: Isabel Hernandez-Cata, Courtney Tisch
French Horn: Imin Yeh
Piano: Michael Chow
Keyboards: Isabel Hernandez-Cata





Master Carpenter: Stefanie Brendler
Master Electrician: David Halliday
Floor Manager: Cecilia Bellagamba
Assistant Floor Manager: Anh Dang
Sound Board Operator: Kevin Kirkpatrick

Crew: Cecilia Bellagamba, Jonathan Brand, Candace Brendler, Stefanie Brendler, Ryan Chavka, Eric J. Cravey, Jen Cravey, Anh Dang, David Halliday, Daniel Hoffman, Megan Israel, Marielena Ivory, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Jen Larsen, Rachel Lee, Denise Levitan, Harrison Long, David Peckarsky , Sean Perry, Emily Purcell, Josh Rodgers, Justin Rodgers, 
AnnaMaria Szabo, Brian Szabo, Jessica Verest , Seth Vinitsky, Chris Wilson

PR & Fundraising Squad: Liz Bullock, Jen Cravey, Anh Dang, James Hazen, Paul Hazen, Marielena Ivory, Liza Kaplan, Denise Levitan, Joellen Mallard, Jessica Marrero, Dani Morgan, David Peckarsky, Sean Perry, Josh Rodgers, Justin Rodgers, Molly Scofield, Ashley Scott (Flyer Coordinator), Kristina Sherk, AnnaMaria Szabo, Cynthia Trevor, William White

House and Tickets Staff: Jon Havens, Julie Hudson, Trish McAfee, Sean Ryan, Brian Szabo, Kelly Theim, Courtney Tisch, Chris Wilson