Director’s Notes

When I first came to WST in the summer of 1999, I had no idea what kind of history it held or even that it was an all-youth theatre (even though it was explained in The Washington Post ad that caught my eye). I just wanted to come and tryout for a show and see if I could land a spot in the cast. To my surprise, my uncle (Jonathan Hadary) had not only been a member of WST over thirty years ago but he was also a founding member...

WST 2001 and WST 1965 have many things in common when it comes to methods of show production. We both arduously made rehearsal schedules, fund-raised, found rehearsal and performance spaces, collected props and obtained the rights to our specific musicals. We also have the same passion for the musical stage as they did and hopefully it shows this year...
— Michael Hadary


Business Staff
Producer: Lauren Beth DeRocco
Associate Producers: Cynthia Trevor and William White
Business Manager: William White
Directors of Public Relations: Kelly Theim and Courtney Tisch
Directors of Fundraising: Rose Bernstein and AnnaMaria Szabo
Assistant Director of Fundraising: James Hazen
Director of Audience Development: Cynthia Trevor
House Managers: AnnaMaria Szabo and Cynthia Trevor
Graphic Designer: Alex Aspiazu
Webmaster: Nathaniel Haas
Program Concept and Execution: Kelly Theim

Performance Staff
Director: Michael Hadary
Music Director: William White
Choreographer: Ashley Scott
Conductor: Paul Hazen
Stage Manager: Lauren Simons-Morton
Assistant Director: Nathan Claridad
Assistant Stage Manager: Cecilia Bellagamba
Head Interpreter: Elizabeth Barnwell
Interpreters: Alicia Arcieri and Lauren Beth DeRocco

Design and Technical Staff
Technical Director: Joshua Rodgers
Scenic Designer: Harrison Long
Sound Designer: Nathaniel Haas
Lighting Designer: Daniel Hoffman
Properties Designers: Liz Bullock and Dani Morgan
Hair & Make-up Designer: Sarah Levin
Costumes Designer: Becki Psowski
Assistant Technical Director: Justin Rodgers
Assistant Costumes Designer: Peck Scherloum
Assistant Hair & Make-up Designer: Joellen Mallard

Movie Production Staff
Director: Nathan Claridad
Director of Photography: Asa Bass
Producer: Nate Haas
Editing: Asa Bass, Nate Haas, Grey Hash


Dora Bailey: Rose Bernstein
Zelda Zanders: Bronwen Grebe
Fan: Nate Butler
Olga Mara: Kate Broderick
Cosmo Brown: Cyrus Nemati
R.F. Simpson: Asa Bass
Roscoe Dexter: Jared Stern
Photographer: Jonathan Schneider
Lina Lamont: Sarah Levin
Don Lockwood: Adam Rast
Young Cosmo: Nate Butler
Young Don: Steve Szabo
Villain: Danny Puskin
Rod: Danny Pushkin
Kathy Selden: Liza Kaplan
Policeman: Steve Szabo
Lady: Eileen Cuff
Butler: Daniel Rehbehn
Workmen: Tim Crowley, Steve Szabo
1st Assistant: Alex Aspiazu
2nd Assistant: Chris Wilson
3rd Assistant: Courtney Tisch
Wardrobe Lady: Steve Szabo
Hairdresser: Jason Nellis
Tenor Soloist: Tim Crowley
Sid Phillips: Jason Nellis
Ms. Dinsmore: Chinye Enyi
Diction Teacher: Mike Simione
Sound Engineer: Beth Rainey
Special guest appearance by Laura Tucker as the Seductress

Ensemble: Alex Aspiazu, Rose Bernstein, Kate Broderick, Liz Bullock, Nate Butler, Julia Clasper, Tim Crowley, Eileen Cuff, Chinye Enyi, Bronwen Grebe, Ashley Kaplan, Jen Larson, Katie Lerner, Joellen Mallard, Jason Nellis, Danny Pushkin, Betsy Quilter, Beth Rainey, Daniel Rehbehn, Jon Schneider, Kristi Sherk, Mike Simione, Steve Szabo, Courtney Tisch, Chris Wilson

Movie Production Cast
Don Lockwood: Adam Rast
Lina Lamont: Sarah Levin
Villain: Danny Puskin
Bandits: Nate Butler, Steve Szabo, Chris Wilson
Ladies-in-waiting: Becki Psowski, Betsy Quilter, Courtney Tisch



Violin: Jeremy Hartman, Thomas Schneider
Flute: Michelle Gaffney, Yaara Kolnik
Clarinet: Denise Levitan, Rebecca Wexler, Zach Stamler
Saxophone: Matt Merewitz, Zach Stamler
Trumpet: Andrew Levin, Nate Street, James Hazen
Trombone: Nat Silberg
Viola: Edward Greenberg
Cello: Jeffrey Muffson
Bass: Dan Rottenstreich
Piano: Will White
Drums: Brian Minning





Master Carpenter: Jared Goldstein
Master Electrician: .Erin Dow
Floor Manager: Anh Dang
Light Board Operator: Erin Dow
Sound Board Operator: Don Simons-Morton
Spotlight Operator: Goober Fryer
Assistant Floor Manager: Lisa May Walker

Crew: Cecilia Bellagamba, Margaret Byrns, Anh Dang, Meredith Denning, Erin Dow, Adam Fryer, Emily Gallivan, Brian "Blondie" Heronamous, Brian "Ed" Hicks, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Charlotte Jones, Shira Kolnik, Denise Levitan, Dawn Moore, Lauren Moore, David Peckarsky, Megan Rutter, Peter Tamayo, Jessica Verest, Carolyn Walter, Lisa May Walker

PR SQUAD: Liz Bullock, Lauren Beth DeRocco, Ashley Scott (Flyer Coordinator), Cynthia Trevor, William White