We are still looking for select staff members for our upcoming season. If you are interested in joining us, please email to learn more about our company and how to join us. Remaining will be filled on a rolling basis.

2017 Season Staff

Producer: Christopher Walkup
Production Manager: Wesley Kramar
Director of Fundraising:
Kara O'Leary
Director of Public Relations: Caitlin Barnes
Webmaster: Cameron Walkup


Director: Jake Young
Production Stage Manager: Liz Bragale
Music Director/Conductor: Sam Weich
Choreographer: Caitlin Barnes
Technical Director:
Scenic Designer: Katie Miller
Lighting Designer: Doga Tasdemir
Sound Designer:
Properties Designer: Caroline Tyson
Costume Designer: Katie Cannon
Hair & Makeup Designer:

Spring Awakening

Director: Itai Yasur
Production Stage Manager: Julia Haupt
Music Director: Maddy Gurshunskiy
Choreographer: Danielle Burman
Technical Director: Caroline Tyson
Scenic Designer: Alina Gaynutdinova
Lighting Designer:
Sound Designer: Ben Kerness
Properties Designer: Allison Griffith
Costume Designer: Alina Gaynutdinova
Hair & Makeup Designer: Kiera DiGaetano

Thank you to THE Staff of GREASE And nine!

2016 Season Staff

Producer: Mattia D'Affuso
Associate Producer: Christopher Walkup
Assistant Producer: Alina Gaynutdinova
Public Relations/Director of Fundraising: Jennie Phelps
Assistant Musical Director: Sasha Bartol
Production Manager: Madelyn Paquette
Props Designer: Caroline Tyson
Costume Designer: Rose Weich
Webmaster/Graphic Designer: Shabnam Salek


Director: Jake Young
Assistant Director: Zach Harris
Music Director: Sam Weich
Choreographer: Sara Lawless
Production Stage Manager: Liz Bragale
Technical Director: Wesley Kramar
Scenic Designer: Katie Miller
Lighting Designer: Cameron Walkup
Sound Designer: Roma Venkateswaran
Hair & Makeup Designer: Emily Hall


Director: Rocky Nunzio
Music Director: Matthew Dohm
Choreorgrapher: Julia Link
Production Stage Manager: Deborah Gur
Technical Director: Alina Gaynutdinova
Scenic Designer: Jimmy Stubbs
Lighting Designer: Elliott Shugoll
Sound Designer: Andrew Wink
Videographer/Hair & Makeup Designer: Doga Tasdemir