2012 - A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the forum

Director’s Note

...Forum primarily focuses on a character struggling to gain the most basic human right-to be treated and seen as a person, not a piece of property. Psedulous’ determined quest for his freedom is what sets riotous scenario after scenario in motion... I have a great love for Forum because it balances levity with deep and sometimes heartbreaking needs. While Psedulous’ quest is perhaps the most exaggerated version of reaching for freedom, many of the other characters are fighting for the right to make your own destiny, etc....
— Megan Behm


Producer: Jeanie McAlpine
Associate Producer: Mattia D’Affuso
Director of Public Relations: Lauren Fagan
Assistant Director of Public Relations: Rocky Nunzio
Director of Fundraising: Ceecee Tao
Director: Megan Behm
Music Director: William Yanesh
Choreographer: Namrata Mohanty
Conductor: Matt Eisenberg
Assistant Conductor: Rose Weich
Production Stage Manager: Jeremy Hollis
Assistant Stage Manager: Liz Bragale
Technical Director: Robert Brownstein
Assistant Technical Director: Jay Koby
Scenic Designer: S. Lewis Feemster
Properties Designer: Kimberely Lartz
Scenic Artist: Hannah Schott
Costume Designer: Meliss Gilbert
Lighting Designer: Will Bartlett
Sound designer: Melanie Keys


Prologus, and actor: Sean Finan
Senex, an old man: Devin Goodman
Domina, his wif: Laura Cole
Hero, his son, in love with Philia: Mason Catharini
Hysterium, slave to senex and Domina: Alex Palmer
Pseudolus, slave to Hero: Sean Finan
Lycus, a buyer and seller of courtesans: Gary Thompson
Panacea, a courtesan: Maryann Moses
The Geminae, courtesans: Gabriela Schulman, Alyssa Newberg
Vibrata, a courtesan: Courtney James
Gymnasia, a courtesan: Shabnam Salek
Philia, a virgin: Katherine Worley
Erronius, an old man: Zak Marsh
Miles Gloriosus, a warrior: Jeff Miller

The Proteans: Rocky Nunzio, Maxim Sobchenko, Jehan Silva, Tyler Hanson, Daniel Woolson, Connor Monroe Lugo-Harris


Matt Eisenberg, Conductor
Rose Weich, Assistant Conductor
Woodwinds: Alisha Bhore, Jonathan Cothran, Sarah Gitterman, Linda Krasniewski, Joseph Wang, Rose Weich
Trumpets: Richar Gray, Itai Yasur
French Horn: Sam Weich
Trombones: Evan Middleton, Josh Jenkins
Piano: Alex Greenberg
Cello: Paul Buehler
Bass: Sara Korpeck
Percussion: Alex Krasniewski, Julius Verzosa



Crew: Robert Brownstein, Jay Koby, Jason Austria, Will Bartlett, Mason Catharini, Jamie Davis, Rebecca Goldman, Emma Hardin, Pierson Higareda, Jeremy Hollis, Patrick Lbanez, Carolyn Kidd, Limberely Lartz, Sebastian Lopez, Evan Lund, Keeley Mahoney, Jeanie McAlpine, Maryann Moses, Rocky Nunzio, Rachel Patterson, Coleman Quimby, Hannah Schott, Elise Tonelson, Sam Weich