2003 - Chicago

Director’s Note:

...At the time when Chicago was chosen for this season’s show, we didn’t know there was going to be a movie, not to mention the fact that the movie was going to be such a big deal. All
we knew was that Chicago was a really good show it had an intensely funny and well-wrought script, a fairly well-known name, and two amazing female stars. And then the movie came out, a movie that was great, yes, but a movie that was just another testament to the fact that, in the world that thinks that the stage and screen are interchangeable, nothing beats the real thing...
— Braden Jacobs-Jenkins


Business Staff
Producer: Denise Levitan
Associate Producer: Yaara Kolnik
Business Manager: Yaara Kolnik
Director of Public Relations: Rachel Cooke
Directors of Fundraising: James Hazen and Michael Saffan
Assistant Directors of Public Relations: Michael Saffan and Lisa May Walker
Assistant Director of Fundraising: Tania Allen
Director of Recruitment: Michael Saffan
Director of Audience Development: Lisa May Walker
House Manager: Tania Allen
Assistant House Manager: Alice Hawfield
Graphic Designers: Harrison Long and Jessica Stamler
Program Designer: Lisa May Walker

Performance Staff
Director: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Music Director: Joshua Keller
Choreographer: Lauren Beth DeRocco
Conductor: Joshua Keller
Stage Manager: Jared Goldstein
Vocal Director: Bradley Mariska
Assistant Directors: Roxanne Orkin and Allison Pottern
Assistant Stage Manager: Kim Khoo
Assistant Choreographer: Melanie Askin

Design and Technical Staff
Technical Director: Brian Szabo
Scenic Designer: Harrison Long
Sound Designer: Harry Glaser
Lighting Designer: Daniel Hoffman
Properties Designer: Thomas Grafton Lee
Hair & Make-up Designer: Joellen Mallard
Costumes Designers: Alexandra Nemcosky and Daniel Rehbehn
Dramaturg: Mandy Yu
Assistant Scenic Designer: Megan Israel
Assistant Sound Designer: Emily Gallivan
Assistant Hair & Make-up Designer: Jessica Verest


Master of Ceremonies: Stephen J. Szabo
Velma Kelly: Joellen Mallard
Roxie Hart: Mary Wiseman
Fred Casely: Chris Wilson
Sergeant Fogarty: Roger Whyte
Amos Hart: Alex Barron
Martin Harrison: Roger Whyte
Matron: Kristen Penner
Liz: Jen Kovacevich
Annie: Katie Maguire
June: Ashley Kaplan
Hunyak: Jessica Dunckel
Mona: Jessica Stamler
Billy Flynn: Andrew Schlosberg
Mary Sunshine: Cody Stephenson
Go-to-Hell Kitty: Amelia Meyers
Harry: Diego Vásquez
Aaron: Kevin O’Reilly
The Judge: Mikey Cafarelli
Court Clerk: Max Spitulnik

Velma Kelly: Ashley Kaplan
Roxie Hart: Jessica Stamler
Matron: Erica Chiusano
Billy Flynn: Alex Barron
Amos Hart: Max Spitulnik
Merry Muderesses: Amelia Meyers and Frances Wang

Ensemble: Shannon Algeo, David Allen, Mikey Cafarelli, Erica Chiusano, David Crawford, Amanda Kaplan, Amelia Meyers, Patrick Nyhart, Kevin O’Reilly, Max Spitulnik, Stephen J. Szabo, Diego Vásquez, Frances Wang, Roger Whyte, Chris Wilson

Dance Captains: Amelia Meyers, Patrick Nyhart


Violins: Elizabeth Greenberg, Alice Hawfield, Andrea Shaw
Piccolo: Michelle Gaffney, Yaara Kolnik
Clarinet: Kate Leary, Max Morawski, David Osborne, Lesley Ridge
Bass Clarinet: Anne Rathell
Alto & Soprano Saxophones: Max Morawski
Baritone Saxophone: Anne Rathell
Trumpet: Anthony Clark, Kurt Schewe
Trombone: Jane Calvert, Joan Keller
Tuba: Liz Prince
Banjo/Mandolin/Guitar: Adam Rast
Bass: Julianne Keller
Piano: Nick Jimenez, Shira Yasur
Drumset: Greg Jukes
Percussion: Emily Narkis
Rehearsal Pianist: Shira Yasur


Master Carpenter: Tim Crowley
Master Electricians: Cecilia Bellagamba, Abigail Graber, Bryna Shindell
Wing Manager: Eric Schreiber
Spotlight Operators: Cecilia Bellagamba, Abigail Graber
Fly Captain: David Peckarsky

Other: Pria Anand, Cici Bellagamba, Kate Broderick,
Eileen Cuff, Russell Curtis, Anh Dang, 
Andre V. Danylevich, Nick DePetris, Damiana Dodd,
Jocelyn Fischer, Tracy Flanders, Caitlin Furman, 
Emily Gallivan, Anna Gillen, Rebecca Goldman, 
Abigail Graber, Gregory Hagege, Megan Heithaus, 
Megan Israel, Paul Johnson, Benjamin Juang, 
Katherine Kingsley, Barry Kline, Shira Kolnik, 
Graham Lee, Laura Leemon, Andrea Libelo, 
Thomas Lincoln, Katie Loeb, Abby Lynch, 
Nora Marshall, Alex May, Owen McKain, 
Amy Millican, Lauren Moore, Emily Narrow,
David Peckarsky, Laura Rehbehn, Amanda Rosen,
Allison Rosenberg, Eric Schreiber, Bryna Shindell, 
Melanie Shur, Brooke Shoemaker, Peter Silberman, 
Taylor Stanley, Yevgeniy Tyurmin, Jessica Verest, 
David Wagner, Lisa May Walker, Carolyn Walter, 
Mandy Yu, John Yuill