Orchestra Pit Interest

If you have any interested in performing as part of the Pit Orchestra for either of our upcoming shows, please contact the following for their respective show:

Heathers: Kathryn Bailey (Conductor)

Little Women: Sam Weich (Conductor)


Audition requirements:

          Record yourself playing about a minute worth of music. This can be solos, ensemble excerpts, or technical etudes.*

               *If you are a pianist, please contact sjweich@msn.com for required music.

          If you are auditioning on more than 1 instrument, please provide a recording for each instrument.

          Have all audition materials sent back to sjweich@msn.com by the end of March. 

          In audition email, please include your preferred show.


          Only audio is required, if you wish to record video as well you may.

          Use whatever program you wish to record, preferable one with automatic volume control to eliminate microphone resonance.

          This process is not meant to be stressful and we are not looking for perfection, we just want to confirm that you can hold your own with the music.

Thank you for your interest in joining our pit. Information about joining our pit for these shows will be available in Spring 2018, so fill out the form below and sign up for our Newsletter to get the most up to date information! If you are interested in joining our creative team (including positions such as Music Director, Conductor, and more), please see the Staff page - no experience required, only a good attitude and desire to learn.

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