Orchestra Pit Interest

If you have any interested in performing as part of the Pit Orchestra for either of our upcoming shows, please contact the following for their respective show:

Side Show: Margot Cohen at md_sideshow@wst.org

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: Ginny Moses at md_spellingbee@wst.org

2019 Pit Orchestra

Side Show:

Keyboard 1: Ethan Smith-Cohen
Keyboard 2: Sarah Martin
Violin 1: Gracie Balzar
Viola: Kathryn Schubert
Cello: Hannah Yee and Norah Yee
Bass: Alex Thanicatt
Reeds 1: Grace Comer, Andrew Zhang
Reeds 2: Hunter McDonald, Betsy Jardine
Horn: Nick Jardine
Guitar: Cynthia Murphy
Trumpet: Cas Campagna
Trombone: Etay Gvirtzman, Daniel Umali
Drum set: Chris Ortolf
Percussion: Thomas Glowacki

Spelling Bee:

Thank you for your interest in joining our pit. More information about joining our pit for these shows will be available in Spring 2019, so fill out the form below and sign up for our Newsletter to get the most up to date information! If you are interested in joining our creative team (including positions such as Music Director, Conductor, and more), please see the Staff page - no experience required, only a good attitude and desire to learn. All company members must be ages 14-25 as of June 1st 2019 in order to participate with WST.

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