2019 Season Casts

Side Show

Violet Hilton - Jenna Barbieri
Daisy Hilton - Katie Gerard
Terry Connor - Randy Stull
Buddy Foster - Josh Beede
Jake - Ivan Walks
Sir - Sam Intrater
Geek - Daniel LaMond
Fortune Teller - Emma Higgins
Houdini/Ray/Dog Boy - Jacob Gross
Three Legged Man/Judge/Doctor - Chris Deriquito
Lizard Man/Doctor/Todd Browning - Judah Canizares
Half Man, Half Woman/Sir's Lawyer - Jacob Young
Bearded Lady/Auntie - Briana Downs
Freak/Human Pin Cushion - Kana Seiki (Dance Captain)
Tattoo Girl - Becca Haven
Cossack - Evie Graham
Venus De Milo - Aiko Perez

Female Ensemble

Emma Higgins
Brianna Downs
Aiko Perez
Kana Seiki
Becca Haven
Evie Graham

Male ensemble

Jacob Gross
Judah Canizares
Jacob Young
Caleb Thomas
Daniel LaMond
Chris Deriquito

Spelling Bee

Marcy - Gabbie Ballesteros
Schwartzy - Taylor Litofsky
Rona - Mary Murdock
Coneybear - Joey Moore
Olive - Marney Harris
Barfee - David D'Ardenne
Chip - Trevor Band
Panch - Yashi Janimanchi
Mitch - Steven Franco
Alexis Cheng (u/s Marcy)
Tudor Postolache (u/s Barfee)


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All company members must be ages 14-25 as of June 1st 2019 in order to participate with WST.

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